New Easystar FPV setup

In the last few weeks I simplified my FPV setup drastically. No more antenna tracker and pan/tilt is also gone.

The RX antenna was changed to a new one from China for 15€ and free shipping. This antenna performs best for the price. A range test was stopped at 13km due to lost line of sight. But it’s sure 15km+ can be reached as long as you have line of sight to the transmitter.

The antenna is from eBay:

Receiver is a standard 1200MHz one, only did the SAW filter mod (descripted here) and added a LiPo volatage monitor with 3 LEDs.

4 thoughts on “New Easystar FPV setup

  1. Why did you do away with the antenna tracker? It seems like such a nice solution and I assume worked well. Aside from requiring the Wi.232 modules, I love it. … So why did you stop using it?

    • After flying a while with the tracker I decided to rebuild the GS. Before it was to much equipment to carry, to bulky.
      Here a couple of good places to fly from are not reachable by car, so equipment must light and portable. With the new tripod GS I can carry loose equipment in a backbag, tripod in a shoulder bag and plane in hands, easy to walk somewhere.

      Second reason is from flight experience I found that a tracking antenna is not really necessary. With the old patch antenne I got around 500m even when behind the patch.
      Now I do better planing and choose a start location where the Yagi antenna covers the flight area. For short range flying the Yagi antenna can point in any direction and still gives a good coverage.

      • OK. I hear that you want to keep it light and portable, always an ideal choice. Usually I find for the best GS, you have more weight with antennas, trackers, tripods, equipment, etc… but for the best flying experience you have very little equipment to lug around. It presents a conundrum.

        The main reason I was curious was you were using the Yagi antenna without a tracker, and I thought that seemed odd, since it is such a directional antenna, how you would manage to keep a good signal if you’re flying around. But if you just take off and fly straight out, without varying course much until you turn around to come home, I guess your Yagi is able to maintain good coverage even without the tracker.

        • Right, the Yagi is more or less directional, but it doesn’t mean that you will not receive a signal from the back. Of course the signal is weak and range limited but you can go a few hundred meters before signal will drop.

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