2.5″ DVR Modification

To record my FPV videos I bought such 2.5″ DVR recorder on eBay:

There are no buttons on the recorder. All controls are done using the IR remote control. Dealing with the remote isn’t very handy out in the field, so I decided to add three extra buttons for record, stop and preview:

2.5" DVR with buttons2.5" DVR with buttons

Very simple: An AVR ATtiny25 generates the IR commands which are injected right after the IR receiver. All you need is just 3 push buttons, an ATtiny25 and one 1 KOHmresistor.

The ATtiny25 needs run on the internal RC oscillator with 8MHz, so fuses needs to be configured the right way.

Download the schematic and firmware:

Schematic 2.5" DVR Mod
Schematic 2.5" DVR Mod
Version: A
147.7 KB

Firmware 2.5" DVR Mod
Firmware 2.5" DVR Mod
Version: A
1.2 KB

By the way, how my ground station looks right now:

FPV Groundstation 01/2011

The new 28 channel receiver combined with the modified 2.5″ DVR. Everything is powered by a 3S LiPo battery.

7 thoughts on “2.5″ DVR Modification

  1. I’ve found some links to these on the net, but mostly direct from China, nothing on ebay. Can you provide some links maybe? The cheapest I’ve found it for was $80USD + S&H.

    How do you like using this DVR? I found a manual for it here:

    It says you can update the firmware, but I don’t see any references to the firmware online.

    • Sorry, have only a link from eBay and AFAIK the seller will ship only within Germany.

      The doc looks more or less equal to the paper version supplied with the recorder.

      Found two pages of companies claiming to be manufacturer of the DVR but never saw any link to firmware updates.

  2. Hello Michael, I am very interested in the modification you made to the 2.5″ DVR. Unfortunately I do not know much about electronics, I think I can find components but I do not know if it is necessary do some programming of the circuit. Thanks for any help.

  3. Great Mod.
    I have some attiny85. Could this be used?
    Is there any change in the code to work on the 85?

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