Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna 1240MHz

Here is my construction of a right-hand circular polarized, omnidirectional Skew-Planar Wheel antenna designed for 1240MHz.

Designed for ground station use, the antenna was made after the following tutorial from IBCrazy:

0.75mm² copper wire was used for the antenna elements, some hot clue to fix everything and a piece of PVC tube to keep the antenna away from any metal parts of the tripod.

Due to fragility of the copper wire a Styrofoam ball will be used as a protection radom.

62mm is used as quarter wavelength.

Angle (green one) between the “eyes” on one S-shaped wire is 78-80°.
The angle (blue one) of quarter wave sections is 100°.

About fine tuning I found the following:
Green angle >90° will lower the resonance frequency while angles <90° will result in a higher resonance frequency.

Measuring results after proper tuning for 1240MHz:

Return Loss & VSWR

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