Mar 252015

Comparing these two is an excellent example of western values, their hypocrisy, their ethics and the interests of government controlled media.

Cockpit voice recorder initial evaluation started just the next day and first results are already available. What about MH17?  Where are evaluation results from cockpit voice and flight data recorders? I bet on the first anniversary of the 4U9525 crash the truth about MH17 will be still in the dark. Obviously it doesn’t fit the scenario… western values my ass.

Mar 142015

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A movie about the fire attack on the union building in Odessa at the beginning of the Ukrainian civil war, the role of ultra nationalists, the police and politics in the post soviet area. It’s a documentation of key events of the Ukrainian civil war and a city that was split.

A movie by Ulrich Heyden & Marco Benson, produced by