Skywalker re-maiden with Ruby autopilot

Yesterday I did a re-maiden with my Skywalker and Ruby on-board.
When I flipped the switch to aided mode, Ruby tried to loop the plane and was near stall. Flipped the switch back to manual mode, did a dive and recovered.

After landing I noticed that the elevator deflection was reversed in aided mode. Something I missed completely during all pre-flight checks.
Jim from uThere checked the flight data later on and noticed that the plane was flown with a maximum of 8g wing load during recover. The plane is just fine and it was obviously worth the efforts to reinforce the wing. A standard wing would been probably snapped.

Ruby autopilot installed

Finally I got my new uThere Ruby autopilot installed in the Skywalker.

With the excellent and outstanding support of Jim Hall, the Ruby developer, all components were placed properly to give perfect results. We had to pay special attention to the magnetic field sensor to prevent any influence from surrounding ferrous metals. I had to remove all those tiny and powerful raw earth magnets because of significant disturbance on the magnetic field sensor.

I did several sweeps outside to sense the earth magnetic field in all plane attitudes. Jim used the logged data to fine tune the configuration file for my Ruby. This way we are sure that Ruby will work properly under any flight conditions.

Some pictures of my installations:

The Ruby controller is installed in the center fuselage, on the battery board. The current sensor just below the Skywalker “attic” where the ESC is in.

Connection to the EzUHF recever is made by just 4 wires: Power supply, PPM stream and RSSI output. That reduces the wiring mess to a minimum.

The combine magnetic field and barometric sensor is installed in the wing, approximately in the middle.
It was first placed in the Skywalker nose but the blind nut from the canopy lock had a significant influence on the magnetic sensor.

At this point I can proceed with the next step: Test before first flight followed by pre-flight check and then second maiden flight with Ruby.