Inside the GPS-GSM Tracker

Got a GPS-GSM tracker today which I ordered some days ago at eBay.

I plan to use the tracker in my biggest FPV plane for location in case of a long range crash.

The housing is a way bulky and heavy even for a big plane. So could not resist to disassemble the tracker to check if size and weight can be reduced.

Here is the outcome:

Some notes about the hardware:

  • SiRf Star III GPS chipset, stand alone module, soldered to the main PCB
  • GPS antenna is detachable, fixed by two solder blobs
  • plug-on GSM module
  • GSM antenna seems to be crap, but there is a U.FL socket on the GSM module to connect a better antenna
  • 8-pin USB Connector, at least the USB logo is on the charger plug
  • Microcontroller STC 89LE58RD
  • there is a microphone
  • Weight of empty housing: 22.2g
  • Weight of PCB including GSM modem: 21.6g
  • Weight of battery: 18.3g


I have added a picture which show two pads for the microcontrollers serial interface.
Parameters are 19200 Baud 8N1. After power up (without SIM card) there is a loop transmission of AT+CREG.

12 thoughts on “Inside the GPS-GSM Tracker

  1. Hi,

    My GSM reception isn´t very good, do you have an option to increase it.
    The red wire isn´t a coax cable but the total lenght of the antenna is more than 8.33 cm. So How does it work and is there a good option, if possible DIY to make or buy a better antenna to place in the model.

    • Get a external GSM antenna from eBay or Digikey. The tracker module has a U.FL connector for this purpose.

  2. is it any good ? im looking for some king of recovery device in case of crashing far away…. any sugestions ?

  3. Hi, I just had one of these for free.. box missing, run over by a car 🙂
    Can you help me with the five connections at the short edge of the board, near the USB like connector? They are for power I assume, but which 2 of them are that and what are the other three for..?
    Regards Soren

    • The internal GMs module is equipped with an U.FL connector for an external antenna.
      Upper left corner in this picture:

  4. Thanks for all the information was much help. Is this still working good for you? Mine works good, I´ve been using as is. I´m going to lighten it up and add a better antenna.

  5. Thank you for this…very helpful. Im hoping to fly this on my Quadcopter.

    I noticed the GSM antenna can be replaced with a better example.
    Is this possible with the GPS antenna?

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