Inside the GPS-GSM Tracker

Got a GPS-GSM tracker today which I ordered some days ago at eBay.

I plan to use the tracker in my biggest FPV plane for location in case of a long range crash.

The housing is a way bulky and heavy even for a big plane. So could not resist to disassemble the tracker to check if size and weight can be reduced.

Here is the outcome:

Some notes about the hardware:

  • SiRf Star III GPS chipset, stand alone module, soldered to the main PCB
  • GPS antenna is detachable, fixed by two solder blobs
  • plug-on GSM module
  • GSM antenna seems to be crap, but there is a U.FL socket on the GSM module to connect a better antenna
  • 8-pin USB Connector, at least the USB logo is on the charger plug
  • Microcontroller STC 89LE58RD
  • there is a microphone
  • Weight of empty housing: 22.2g
  • Weight of PCB including GSM modem: 21.6g
  • Weight of battery: 18.3g


I have added a picture which show two pads for the microcontrollers serial interface.
Parameters are 19200 Baud 8N1. After power up (without SIM card) there is a loop transmission of AT+CREG.

12 thoughts on “Inside the GPS-GSM Tracker

  1. Hi,

    My GSM reception isn´t very good, do you have an option to increase it.
    The red wire isn´t a coax cable but the total lenght of the antenna is more than 8.33 cm. So How does it work and is there a good option, if possible DIY to make or buy a better antenna to place in the model.

  2. Hi, I just had one of these for free.. box missing, run over by a car 🙂
    Can you help me with the five connections at the short edge of the board, near the USB like connector? They are for power I assume, but which 2 of them are that and what are the other three for..?
    Regards Soren

  3. Thanks for all the information was much help. Is this still working good for you? Mine works good, I´ve been using as is. I´m going to lighten it up and add a better antenna.

  4. Thank you for this…very helpful. Im hoping to fly this on my Quadcopter.

    I noticed the GSM antenna can be replaced with a better example.
    Is this possible with the GPS antenna?

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