Solar charger with MPPT – v2

In December 2013 Linear Technology announced a new chip – LT8490. This chip includes a 80V Buck-Boost Lead Acid & Lithium Battery Charging Controller that actively finds true Maximum Power Point in solar applications.

No yet available, that chip looks very promising. It operates with input voltages down to 6V and can boost that to charge batteries with higher voltage. I made already a schematic and board design from the preliminary datasheet that charges a 3S LiPo from a solar panel with up to 5A. A small board size allows usage in model gliders with large wing span to charge the battery in flight.

See my LT8490 page.

3 thoughts on “Solar charger with MPPT – v2

    • Stay tuned. I was working with a Linear guy to improve the design. New boards are ordered, have the components already, so testing will start soon.

  1. Hi Michael!

    Really looking forward to seeing your design. I´m currently building a solar glider that will benefit greatly from a small light MPPT.

    cheers from Singapore!

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