Solar panel repaired

I got a 290W solar panel with a shattered glass cover for free.


I asked Google about repair methods and found some results where people covered the panel with epoxy. Talked to composite specialists about resin that can be used for that purpose. They recommended a water clear, 2-component epoxy, that is UV stable and will not change color over time while exposed to sun light. A primer additive was also added for usage on glass.


Surface is smooth and sealed. The resin got obviously soaked in the glass cracks by capillary effect. With coating the glass seems to be more translucent than is was before.



Result looking good and ready for experimenting.

Used resin: Link

Primer additive: Link


6 thoughts on “Solar panel repaired

  1. Do you mind sharing which brand of epoxy resin you purchased to repair this, and how much did it take? Any idea how long this is expected to last before maintenance is needed (or what kind of maintenance would be needed)?

    • Follow the given links for resin distributer, data sheet etc. For such a panel it takes 30-50g when spread well, best would be rolled on. Maintenance isn´t required. I can see already some of the resin is peeling of the glass and frame but that´s mainly where a thick layer was applied. The crack are still looking good and the panel show no sign of moisture entry.

        • Link fixed. The primer is called A187, resin SKresin 3210. I think you will not find this somewhere else. The filling looks customized, seems they buy large containers of this stuff and then decant to small bottles.

          Basically you can use any other resin that is clear, doesn´t change color over time by sun radiation and is highly UV stable.

  2. Oh, that´s great to know that you can repair solar panels. The problem that I´m facing with the panel is a hole that was made from a hail storm. Because of that hole, I had to turn of the power from the panels and go back to using my generator. Would it be alright to patch the thing up or what can be done to repair the hole?

    • I have two repaired panels running, both of them have a hole where obviously the object hit the glass. As long as there are some glass chips inside the hole you can just fill it up with epoxy. That worked for me.

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