Improving a ReadyMadeRC RMRC-700VXP camera

I got two ReadyMadeRC RMRC-700VXP cameras from a clearance sale with 50% off. The cameras were announced to have issues while running at 5V and causing sync problems when the supply voltage just dropped to 4.95V or below. Tested both and the issue was present.

Luckily, this issue can be easily fixed by replacing a chip ferrit bead on the cameras board. Obviously the manufacturer chooses one with unsuitable high DC resistance that causes a significant voltage drop when the camera is operated at 5V. I replaced the ferrit bead by different one, known to have a low DC resistance. Now both cameras running fine down to 4.6V.

Well, two cameras for the price of one + 30min additional work = nice deal. 😎 By the way, these cameras are one of the best you can get. Have them already running on my Skywalker and Fascination.

IMG_20150109_152350 IMG_20150109_152703

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