mictronics piDrive – Initial setup

64GB piDrive with Debian

Setting up the piDrive is a simple task. Required is microSD card of at least 128MB size, the SD image below and an actual Raspberry PI OS image of your choice.Step by step:

  1. Download the microSD image below.
  2. Download a RaspBerry Pi OS image of your choice. Check raspberrypi.org
  3. Connect both, the microSD card and the piDrive to a PC by USB.
  4. Write the microSD image to the card.
  5. Write the Raspberry Pi OS to the piDrive. For both task you may use dd on Linux or Win32DiskImager on Windows.
  6. Put the microSD card in and connect the piDrive to your Raspberry Pi.
  7. On first power up the init script will automatically resize the root disk, that is /dev/sda2, and you should see a blue message when connected to a monitor. After resizing the Pi reboots itself one more time.
  8. The second boot should bring you the login prompt if everything goes well.

Note: The microSD image will enable SSH by default.

microSD Boot Image for piDrive
microSD Boot Image for piDrive
42.8 MB

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