dump1090-fa modification

I recently forked dump1090-fa on Github and modified the web code for indication of military or civil aircraft and highlighting aircrafts marked interesting. Required for this modification is an extended dump1090 JSON aircraft database that is available for download here. Outcome looks like this:

Indicating civil or military aircraft and detailed aircraft type. Interesting highlighted.

Interesting aircraft indication when selected.

Aircraft table with civil and military aircrafts. Interesting highlighted. External links are removed from table.

Update 05.02.2017

Another dump1090-fa modification. I have added a JSON database for indication of aircraft operator in select block and as flight ident tooltip in table. In addition the radio callsign will be shown in select block. Both lines are hidden when no data is available (flight ident empty or invalid).

Aircraft operator and radio callsign indication in dump1090-fa.

Works also for military aircrafts.

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