G7RGQ Antenna 1090MHz

After successfully testing of my G7RGQ antenna here my built details:

In red the dimensions I ended up with.

With above dimensions the antenna is tuned to about -22dB return loss at 1090MHz when placed inside the PVC tube.

G7RGQ Antenna. Radials are brass tube 4mm OD.

SMA feedpoint.

Antenna protected by 20mm PVC pipe.

SMA feedpoint.

SMA feedpoint.

SMA feedpoint. Copper wire drilled 1.5mm and soldered to the SMA center.

2 thoughts on “G7RGQ Antenna 1090MHz

  1. Used your design for the whip part of a mag-mount antenna, and saw very good improvement over a small 2 element commercial antenna….
    With coax-colinear antennas people seems to get more gain with up to 8 to 12 elements, so perhaps your design would also benefit from stacking more elements….
    Thanks for publishing,
    Henrik, OZ6F

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