Laser distance meter hack

I’m finally hacked a cheap laser distance meter from Amazon. Arduino Mini is taking control. Someone else tried before but gave up on this. Mine looks the same like the KKMOON but has no brand marking.

Laser distance meter under hack.

Bench setup for development.

Taking the laser distance meter apart.

Battery box and backside label.

Init screen.

Operational screen.

Laser distance meter open.

Main board front.

Keyboard markings.

While there are no outside markings, the inside reveals the manufacturer – SNDWAY. Seems to be an SW-A40.

Optic board marking.

Main board back with two missing chips.

6 thoughts on “Laser distance meter hack

  1. It’s so lucky when my Laser Rangefinder was almost like yours (mine was SW-M40). Due to the different, can you help me point out where are the 3 SPI pins in my board? Thank you very much!
    This is the picture of the board
    Again, thank you very much! So lucky when I got the laser module same as yours.

    • Looks similar. Can you provide a picture from back side of this board?
      In case you have a oscilloscope probe each pin on the LCD connector to find the SPI signals.

      • Here is the picture of back side of the board:
        I lived in Viet Nam, where GDP per person just about 2100 USD/year so an oscilloscope for weekend hobby was expensive.
        I’m also trying to connect the board via TX-RX connector but there was no luck yet :).
        Thank you!

    • Your first picture, the LCD connector pins counting left to right would be:
      5 = Clock CLK
      6 = Data DTA
      8 = Chip Select CS

      I hope the LCD pinout is the same as mine. If it doesn’t work for you than very probably the pinout is different, even when it looks equal.

      • Thank you,
        I will test on tomorrow but I think 80% it will work.
        I will inform you the result.

        • Waiting for your feedback. Make sure your Arduino board operates at 3.3V, this is what the LCD signals require.

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