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  1. Hello Michael,
    I tried to run pluto-gps-sim multiple times. It seems that is running normally and increases the satellites in view which I can see them from an android app. However the signal never locks. I used the original project of Takuji Ebinuma with blade-rf and worked fine. Adalm-Pluto seems to have problem.. What should I do ? What do you suggest ?

    • Did you tried a higher attenuation setting? Maybe you simply overdrive the phones GPS LNA on short distance. There might be also a conflict in case your phone has several location service running and considers the GPS position as invalid.

  2. Looking for a direct link to download Zcat, seen a couple but they are different and am not sure which is a genuine working one.

    Also I see the software has been tested on Windows7, has anyone got it working on Win8/10

    • I have installed WinAVR, that provides zcat. Works for me. See https://sourceforge.net/projects/winavr/ In case you don’t want to install that, then just open the installer file with 7zip and extract zcat from the utilsbin folder.

      Have you tried on Windows 8 or 10 and doesn’t work, or just ask for some feedback?

  3. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your reply

    Using windows 8.1 64bit
    MVS 2015

    I get
    Unhandled exception at 0x7700D4E2(ntdll.dll) in pluto_gps-sim.exe
    0xC000007B %hs is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error

    I see the DLL is used to covert 32bit to 64 Bit
    The WOW64 emulator runs in user mode.
    These DLLs, along with the 64-bit version of Ntdll.dll,

    Someone else had a similiar error in VS, and changing
    Configuration properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Run Time Library -> Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd) worked for them

    But that did not work for me

  4. Additional Information
    If I select x64 then I see that
    #include iio.h
    #include ad9361.h
    have errors saying cant open file
    All the other Hex files are fine
    The two files do exist
    It is strange because if I right click on them () they appear in the editor, so VS must know where they are

    They also do not appear in the external dependicies list
    Also I can’t seem to see anything in the Add reference

    I’m used to VB.net so maybe I doing something wrong

    • Build x64 fixed. Pull latest from Github. Make sure you have the right DLL’s on your system or build output folder.

  5. Hello Michael,
    I’m trying ‘gps sim sdr’ with pluto sdr, on ubuntu 16.04 using a virtual box. The gpssim.bin file generated, is typically upto 2gb and when I transmit it, I get error as:
    “could not create TX buffer.”

    Any suggestions you would make it to work ?

    • This error is not related to file size. In this case the TX sample buffer cannot be created, which is a memory access problem. Did you tried with sudo or as root?

  6. Sorry for the late reply.
    I did try with sudo, but the problem persists. Can you suggest any alternative for making it work?


    • I setup an Ubuntu 16.04 in VirtualBox. Can you provide the command line to start gps-sdr-sim? And which github project you are using?

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