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  1. Hi Michael,
    I compiled this program but it looks to work wrong. I see this:
    .pluto-gps-sim.exe -e brdc.n -l 35.681298,139.766247
    ,10.0 -v -T now
    Using static location mode.
    1.118e-08 7.451e-09 -5.960e-08 -5.960e-08
    9.011e+04 1.638e+04 -1.966e+05 -6.554e+04
    7.45058059692e-09 1.06581410364e-14 147456 2047
    Gain: -20.0dB
    RINEX date = 30-MAR-19 06:53
    Start time = 2019/03/30,11:20:40 (2046:559240)
    PRN Az El Range Iono
    02 266.2 33.0 22849980.5 2.5
    03 41.6 17.6 23911546.7 3.4
    04 135.3 6.7 25035277.1 4.4
    05 207.4 1.4 25592316.2 5.6
    06 298.2 64.0 20709952.7 1.6
    09 120.5 12.1 24484158.4 3.9
    12 319.6 18.2 23712039.4 3.4
    17 72.2 61.7 21005581.8 1.7
    19 12.8 68.6 20317147.4 1.6
    23 86.1 13.3 24679140.3 3.8
    24 276.3 5.2 25343341.9 6.1
    28 166.4 29.3 22751605.5 2.7

    And program stay on this until I push Ctrl+C. In another window I opened SDR# to check if it transmit. It looks that it start transmit for 1 second and stop. Have You got any idea what is wrong ? I tried it only on Pluto.

    • I can’t confirm. Your cmd line works for me, pluto is transmitting stable and I get a GPS lock-in within less than a minute on Android device.
      Your SDR# is not trying to use the pluto as RX device in parallel?

      • Probably not. I tried also without SDR# and looks like my Iphone see normal location while it should see Tokio central railways. One question should I have GNU Radio installed ? And another thing which DLLs should I copy to simulator folder ? libad9361.dll and libiio.dll is enough ?
        Can You share complete compiled setup ?

        • libad9361.dll

          By the way, the email you provide doesn’t accept zipped binaries…

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          security issue. Please visit 552-5.7.0
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  2. Hi Michael,
    Saw you video on plutosdr in Linux. I am trying to a project on pluto gsm in Linux. I am just a beginner in coding and linux platform and just started to learn ADLAM PLUTO.
    I got a c code for generating gps signal using pluto Linux from https://github.com/Mictronics/pluto-gps-sim, and i followed the steps mentioned in the link and installed libad9361,libiio,pluto-gps-sim.
    I really dont know what to do after this. where to run the c code? There is no more explanation of what to do further for generating gps signal using pluto. should i intsall GNU radio to run the c code given. Please help.

    Thank You,

    • See the “Usage” chapter on the Github projects readme. pluto-gps-sim is a command line tool that you must run with options that fit your needs. GNU radio is not required.
      The video you have seen is not of my origin. Also, this is not a beginners project, especially not in all three topics.

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