Turtle Rover unpacking

My Turtle Rover development kit from Kickstarter showed up. Some unpacking pictures to share with you.

Parcel arrived.

Parcel open, invoice and license plate.

Parts packing.

License plate.

Relais board and switch. From IKEA? 🙂

Small bits and pieces for fixation.

Rover skeleton.


Suspension bar.

These metal parts are heavy duty and obviously powder coated. Impressive quality.

Equipment boxes.

Motors and their housings.

Motor housing clamps and torque covers.

Wheel hubs.

All parts CNC machined.

Rover arm, pre-assembled.

Tires, squeezed.

Electronic board top.
Not used since I have my own design.

Electronic board bottom.

The following parts are separately 3D printed at Shapeways. Not yet  part of the kit and still missing due to production issues.

Front cover. (Shapeways)

Front cover inner.

Wheel rims. (Shapeways)

Motor housing end caps. (Shapeways)

Rear skeleton corners. (Shapeways)

Camera housing. (Shapeways)

Kudos to Turtle team for such great work and stuff the put together. Can’t wait to start building…

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