BQ40Z80 Battery Management System

Printed circuit board for my Turtle Rover battery management system, based on TI BQ40Z80 2 to 7 series battery pack manager with impedance track gas gauge.

BQ40Z80 PCB Top

BQ40Z80 PCB Top.

BQ40Z80 PCB Bottom

BQ40Z80 PCB Bottom.

A 4-layer board, where its customized schematic and layout follows as close as possible the reference design of the BQ40Z80EVM-020 evaluation module. Both are available in here.

2 thoughts on “BQ40Z80 Battery Management System

  1. Hi,

    What was the software you used to design the bms? 🙂
    Would you share the files?

    Thank you very much,


    • In case you mean CAD, it’s Target3001. I will not share CAD files. But the task is not that hard. Just follow the EVM design as close as possible. First take the schematic and remove everything you don’t need. Then, define you board size, place at least the high current components similar to EVM and route signals. A multi-layer board is highly recommended, with a (nothing else) ground layer between high current signals on top and control and measurement signals. Bottom should be a second ground layer. Keep the BQ40Z80 and its surrounding components away from high current loops. Again, see EVM design.

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