How to build Tor for Win32

While fiddling with Tor in the last days I was wondering if I can compile the latest source code myself for a Win32 environment. The Tor FAQ gives a hint. Unfortunately the mentioned document is no longer available. It was withdrawn for a revision and a new one is not yet available. Google found a mirror and I took this as a starter. I found the document not complete and useful for the actual source code versions so I wrote an update during my build process (download below). The document is based on the source code versions available in June 2014. The whole build process was performed on a Windows 7 32bit OS running in VirtualBox. Note, the missing Tor specification documents for the package builder are not included in the source code. There is a ticket about this, obviously not yet fixed. The build process was changed for the following thinks:

a) Making of Tor uses the –disable-gcc-hardening flag to  remove the requirement for libssp-0.dll.

b) In openssl the flag -DOPENSSL_NO_RDRAND disables the default Intel RDRAND RNG because it considered insecure.

c) Uses -DOPENSSL_NO_HEARTBEATS to prevent usage of the memory leakage bug discovered on 7th April 2014.

d) Openssl and Tor building with static libraries only, so no extra DLLs are required.

Here is a screen video from the build process: