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This page is related to the alternative hardware I made for the Poor Man´s OSD also known as Remzibi OSD.

Remzibi Homepage:

Read more about the OSD on

The forum:

And on Pauls support page:

Here is the result  – revision A of my hardware:

The hardware was designed after the original schematic from Remzibi with some minor modifications. Mainly some more pins for ADC inputs, the bottom side is almost flat to add a heat sink and the ISP connector has been changed to STK500 style.
I added diodes on all battery inputs to protect the circuit from wrong polarity. Also a LM2940CS-5 is used to generated the 5V supply voltage due to the lower voltage drop compared to the 78M05 and therefore lower heat dissipation.

The following two images showing the pin out of each PCB side.

PCB size remains the same like the original one and is 46mmx25mmx7mm with a weight of 9g.

You can download all files of my hardware design here:

1.1 KB
Version: 1.68
13.5 KB
Firmware » Post
Version: 1.70
13.5 KB
Version: A
470.2 KB
OSD Cover
OSD Cover
99.4 KB

Included are the schematic, layout, Gerber, BOM, License and original Remzibi files.

Of course my hardware is full compatible to the original Remzibi firmware and to Pauls aka happykillmore configuration tool:

For more details follow the links mentioned on top of this page.

The actual hardware and all further versions are releases under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

54 thoughts on “Remzibi OSD

  1. HI !
    I wish to make a copy of your project but I can´t downlod the file “hardware”.The archive may be corrupt.
    For this reason, I wish to receive a copy of this file via E-mail.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  2. Hello,

    I also have a problem downloading the hardware zip file.
    It appears damaged and cannot be opened.

    Can you email it to me?

    Thanks for your good work and best regards,


    • I have no idea what kind of problems you have, but the files are not corrupted.

      All open fine using 7zip, WinRAR 3.9 and the Windows internal ZIP integration. Tested with two different PC and operating system, XP and Vista.
      Used Firefox to download the files.

      So your problems are either related to the operating system, your ZIP tool or the browser.

      Nothing to fix here.

  3. Thank you for publishing your work.
    Please tell me the software you used to create these gerber files. I have a problem when sending to pcb service.

  4. can you upload your schematic files done in target 3001?
    I have some problems when I am trying to make the design in proteus and then do the pcb.
    many thanks for all you share 🙂

  5. i burned the bootloader and load the burn the firmware using Megaload but it is failed to recognize in the remzibi cable test . Any advice

    • You wrote bootloader only – is a piece of software to write a proper firmware .
      So use Megaload and write any firmware into OSD (ex. 1.75) by any USB->UART or rs232->UART cable , then OSD will pass connetion test as well as all settings .

  6. Hello
    Thank you for publishing this nice work.
    Is it possible to buy somewhere this OSD PCB ?
    Or where is it possible to manufacture is at reasonable coast ?
    Thank you for your help
    Best regards

  7. Hi!

    I build a OSD from scratch but now I have a problem, I want to burn the bootloader, but I don´t know how to set the fuses and lockbits! can you please tell me what they need to be?



  8. Hi!

    Thanks for your response! I had found the page 🙂 and change the fuses as described, flashing the bootloader is going fine, but I can´t get any reponse out of the board through the FTDI breakout serial connection in the terminal program! I have also tried to flash the firmware directly that goes well, but also no response in a terminal program. Can I please contact you trough mail or can you send me a mail, that is a bit easier that through comments 🙂

    Thank you!


    • Hi,

      I have the same problem. After the bootloader flash there is no response via serial interface.

          • Do you have still access to the uC? So you can flash the bootloader again and again?

            Did you set the fuses correct?

            Is there any output from the OSD to a terminal program on PC?

            You need to cross the RX/TX line from OSD to PC. Also the serial interface of the OSD is TTL level, can not be connected directly to a native RS232 serial port on a PC or USB serial adapter!

          • I´m building my second OSD, first worked but at the second I can´t burn the bootloader. I don´t use Bascom but PonyProg. I tried to adapt the settings from Rremzibi´s screen capture to PonyProg GUI with setting the fuses. I think I didn´t succeded uploading the bootloader, when verifying itPonyProg says “write failed”. I tried with AVRdude too, when verifying it asks me to change some fuses (I bricked an ATMEGA doing this) so now I am on a dead end. I remember that on your your site, link, there was some procedure of testing the bootloader (something with Windows hyperterminal and some “>>>>” characters would appear) but now it redirects to Remzibi´s webpage
            Thank you!

          • You right about testing the boot loader. Connect the OSD to a PCs serial port and start a terminal program, Hyperterminal will do but better us Bray´s Terminal (Google). The boot loader will output a stream of ´>´ characters as long as no main firmware is loaded.

  9. Where did you order your PCB´s from?
    I´d like to use same company so there wont be any surprises with gerber-files.

  10. Any chances for you to share your target-files? It would be nice to make specific gerber files that fit to pcb-manufacturers guidelines.

  11. Do you have Eagle CAD version, I´m not familiar with Target (I have used Eagle for some years) and some manufacturers give drc parameters for Eagle

  12. Hi,

    My OSD is working perfectly now! Although I cannot get it to work with the bootloader, I flash the firmware directly and then I can use it in the HappyKillmore GUI to flash the settings.

    I have a question, as you can read here:
    The original creator of the Remzibi OSD has created a way to use it with MultiWii software, I want to do this to but with your OSD revision, can you please tell me what I need to alter on your board to get it to work with MultiWii software?

    Thank you!


  13. Hallo Michael,

    ich habe kürzlich ein Remzibi OSD mit deinem Layout gebraucht gekauft. Nun möchte ich gerne den OSD-Button per Kabel nach außen legen,

    Welche Pins muss ich dafür kontaktieren. Die Anleitung von funtkioniert leider nicht, da ich die einzelnen Lötpins mit dem geänderten Layout nicht zuordnen kann.

    Über einen Tip würde ich mich sehr freuen.

    Viele Grüße und Dank im Voraus


      • Hallo Michael,

        Danke für den Hinweis!
        Sorry für die späte Antwort, ich hatte mit einer kurzen email-Notiz gerechnet und nicht mehr hier reingeschaut.

        Noch eine Sache:

        Mit der Remzibi-Software kann ich leider keine Verbindungung zum OSD herstellen. Ich verwende den UART-Adapter von flyduino. Der COM-Port wird erkannt und kann in der Software angewählt werden, so dass “Connected” erscheint.

        Gibt es eine besondere Einsteckreihenfolge; was muss ich beachten, um in den Programmiermodus zu kommen?

        Nochmals Danke und Gruß


        • Der serielle Anschluss muss als erstes angesteckt werden. Dann den Reset Knopf drücken und halten, dann Versorgungsspannung anlegen, nach 1-2sek. den Reset Knopf loslassen. Im Remzibi Tool dann den Verbinungstest machen, der sollte dann erfolgreich sein.

  14. Hi,

    habe ein Remzibi Mini und weiß nicht wirklich wie ich den 3S-Antriebsakku anschließen soll. Möchte gern über das OSD die Spannung im Auge behalten. Das OSD selbst soll über nen 2S-Lipo versorgt werden, welcher auch Kamera und Sender versorgt. Kannst du mir vielleicht weiterhelfen?

    Beste Grüße

    • Was ist ein “Remzibi Mini”?
      Falls du das Remzibi OSD 3DR v2 meinst, das lässt sich problemlos von 3S versorgen.

  15. Noch was vergessen:
    Lässt sich beim Mini Remzibi auch irgendwie Speed-und Altitude-Ladder einstellen?

  16. Hi

    I´m preparing for my winter build here in Cold Montreal, Canada and was wondering if you sale the boards or can anyone sale me one of there´s for my FPV49 delta ??? if so what would be the price


  17. Hi Michael

    I try to do PCB for this project but I see some difficulties. TOP layer PDF is mirrored and can not be changed by my printer due password protection. Can Yoy send me exact one?
    Quality of GERBER files when is printed is very bad and from Target I can not print this design with enough separation, thus the signsls are connected each other. I think PDF is for me best but I need exact pictures



    • Why you think the top layer is mirrored? Sounds like it´s more a printer problem, especially since you cannot print from Target.

  18. Hallo, ich hab das Problem, das ich nach abgebrochenem Firmware update keine USB Verbindung mehr zu dem OSD bekomme, bitte hilfe. ich habe das Original von Remzibi.

    Hello, I have the problem that I get to the OSD after a broken firmware update no USB connection more, please help. I have the original of Remzibi.

  19. Seems that firmware update broke the bootloader. You need to use USBASP dongle to reload the bootloader.

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