Skywalker FPV Plane

Finally I got my hands on a Skywalker. The plane came as ARF version like shown on the image below. All components are cheap Chinese no name without any markings.

Skywalker ARF

The fuselage was already glued but thanks to the low quality glue they used it was easy to separate. Next I removed all the unnecessary stuff.

Skywalker Cleaned

The wings and tail was reinforced with flat carbon spars. Bottom and top of each wing, also each fuselage half on the tail.
The paint scheme was shamelessly stolen from Derek_S Skywalker build. 😛

Skywalker Paint Scheme

Another reinforcement of the upper fuselage section is done by 2mm plywood. New servos are installed and the cables routed. The GPS will go on top of the horizontal stabilizer.

Skywalker Fuselage Inside

New servos are also installed in the wing. Ailerons hinged and connected to the servos.

Skywalker WingsSkywalker Wings

I made a new motor mount since I want to use a 10″ prop. The mount is made from 6.5mm plywood and 4 wooden dowels will distribute forces into the foam.

Skywalker Motor MountSkywalker Motor Mount

Skywalker Motor MountSkywalker Motor Mount

The removable canopy foam block was reinforced with 2mm plywood on the bottom. Cut in shape to take a Gopro and another plywood block glued in to take the FPV camera inclusive pan servo.

Skywalker Canopy

Another flat carbon spar was glued into the bottom of the fuselage. A short one on each side of the canopy opening.

Skywalker Fuselage Inside

While thinking how to fix batteries inside I came up with the idea shown on the image below. Used plywood again and made some slots on either side to use velcro straps to fix down the batteries. The white velcro will be used for the FY21-AP autopilot.

Battery board

The Skywalker will be used without landing gear so a belly protection is needed. This time I tried something new instead of strapping tape. Scotch 3M Aluminum tape  will protect the belly and tail skid during landings.

Skywalker Belly Protection

Details of the rudder to servo connection. Nylon hinges are used for the rudder.

Skywalker Rudder

The ESC found a place in the upper bay. Two holes on each side of the fuselage will allow air flow through the bay. The ESC is way overestimated with 60A, so I don´t expect this is getting hot.

Skywalker ESC

All the electronic installed. On the bottom the Ruby autopilot and the yellow EzUHF receiver will stick to the side wall.

After gluing the horizontal stabilizer in place the elevator got linked to it´s servo.

Elevator Link

The GPS found it´s position on top of the horizontal stabilizer.

Skywalker GPS

Motor is fixed to the mount. A Multiplex connector is used to connect and distribute the signals to the aileron servos. The black/red wire provides power for the wing lights.

Skywalker Motor

uThere Ruby autopilot installed

Ruby current sensor

Ruby airspeed and magnetic field sensor, pitot tube.

My  Skywalker FPV canopy with GoPro Hero in position. The camera is fixed with two velcro straps and protected by the LayerLens from

Skywalker FPV Canopy GoPro

Canopy bottom. A Multiplex connector is used for the pan servo and FPV camera power and video signals.

Skywalker FPV Canopy Bottom

Canopy fixed on the Skywalker just with the original screw. FPV camera is a ReadyMadeRC RMRC-700XV fixed to a 180° pan servo.

Skywalker FPV Canopy

Possible battery setup:

  • 3S1P 3200mAh total
  • 3S2P 6400mAh total
  • 3S2P 4400mAh total

Battery setup 3S1P 3200mAh totalBattery setup 3S2P 6400mAh totalSkywalker battery setup 3S2P 4400mAh total

Half wave dipoles are used for the EzUHF antenna. They just stick in the wings foam, removable and connected using SMB connectors. The lower part is made flexible by using silicon fuel hose.

EzUHF Dipole antenna topEzUHF Dipole antenna bottom

Ready for take-off. CG is 105mm behind leading edge.

Skywalker ready for take-offSkywalker ready for take-off

Skywalker ready for take-offSkywalker ready for take-off

Skywalker ready for take-off

The following setup will be used:

  • Motor Turnigy NTM 3536-1400
  • Prop APC 9×6 (10×4 possible)
  • ESC Turnigy Super Brain 60A with 4A SBEC
  • uThere Ruby Autopilot
  • Ruby OSD
  • EzUHF RX 8ch
  • 4+1 Servos turnigy TY90S MG
  • FPV Camera RMRC-700XV with lens 2.8, pan only
  • Gopro or weight dummy
  • 1.3GHz video link with SPW antenna, placed on the wing top, center line
  • Some illumination for night ops
  • Batteries 1x 5000mAh or 2x 3200mAh 3S2P or 2x 2200mAh 3S2P or 1x 3200mAh 3S1P (all balancing at CG 105mm)
  • Take-off weight (GoPro included):
    • 2x 3200mAh 3S2P = 2370g
    • 2x 2200mAh 3S2P = 2150g
    • 1x 3200mAh 3S1P = 2090g
    • 1x 5000mAh 3S1P = 1870g
    • 2x 5000mAh 3S2P = 2220g

Input power with 9×6 @ 100% throttle: 476W ( 42.5A/11.2V)
Input power with 9×6 @ 50% throttle: 104W ( 9A/11.6V)

A discussion exist on FPVLAB:

Maiden flight video:

Update 24.08.2013

Skywalker needs some repair…

Skywalker crash Skywalker crash Skywalker crash

Happened while flying inverted at low altitude and low speed. In this special case the elevator has not enough control authority to hold altitude, so nosed in.

The wing is just fine, no scratch no dents. Rest will be repaired and the plane will fly again.

Repair Log

Nose glued and taped.

Skywalker Nose repaired Skywalker Nose repaired

Fuselage glued and taped.

Skywalker Fuselage repaired Skywalker Fuselage repaired Skywalker Fuselage repaired

Canopy awaiting repair. Stay tuned…

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