PoE hat from pi-supply.com died – again

The previous repair lasted for almost 9 month. Today the Power over Ethernet (PoE) hat from pi-supply.com that is powering my ADSB receiver died again when a thunderstorm was passing overhead. Like last time, no direct lightning but according to weather monitoring we got several >150kA flashes within 3km distance. As a result, again, the DC-DC converter Silvertel AG9805-M on PoE ceased to work. This time no short on the inputs, but no output voltage. Even having some more spares add hand I decided to replace this converter by a TDK CCG15-48-05S. This one has a higher input voltage tolerance, up to 75V and hopefully a better surge protection. Let’s see how long this last.

ADSB receiver back online

Finally got my spare parts for the Raspberry Pi PoE hat and put the ADSB receiver back online. It took DHL Express almost 6 days for the customs clearance, was the last time I used this carrier. UPS is way more efficient on that.

I used the outage for an upgrade to the Mode-S Beast receiver. The performance of the neat little thing is astonishing! Compared to RTL-SDR dongle the ADSB message rate is 3 times higher, I see 40-50 more aircrafts, tracks per hour increased by 300-400, range increased by around 70km and CPU usage is down to 2-3%. That´s with the G7RQG antenna, connected by a short coax cable (<1m).

My dump1090-fa fork now supports the Mode-S Beast directly via USB. See Github for details.