2.45 GHz Helix Antenna

A last helix to cover all interesting frequencies for FPV.

Antenna dimensions:

  • Design frequency 2450MHz
  • 8 turns
  • Wavelength 0.23
  • Internal diameter 41mm
  • Wire diameter 2.5mm
  • Coil spacing 28mm
  • Reflector diameter 80mm
  • Wave Trap size 15.2mmx7.6mm
  • Feed point height 5mm (wire center), see pictures

2 thoughts on “2.45 GHz Helix Antenna

  1. hello im curently doing my project on helical antenna designed in cavity for 2.4GHz. i had already started designing it with 40
    diameter cavity around a helix but i am not getting satisfactory results.i also visited sites which give helix calculators but its nt working as in a cavity the helix behaves differently. i wanted the helix and cavity parameters. if u want ill also send u the details and pictures of my designs i made in HFSS.
    (i also refered to helical resonators as those are also in cavity only difference is that its closed from the top)

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