Rohde&Schwarz FSH6 modified for Li-Io battery

Finally I modified my Rohde&Schwarz FSH6 spectrum analyzer to run from a Li-Io battery instead NiMH. Dying batteries are an annoying problem of the old R&S FSH3/6 series by design. The device has no real power switch but goes in standby on power off. Drawing a standby current of about 1.2mA in combination with the memory and self-discharge effect in NiMH batteries let them die sooner or later.

To solve that I decided to install a Li-Io battery with protection board. Apart from a better Li-Io life cycle these batteries double the capacity with a lower cell count. Original 6S1P 3200mAh NiMH replaced by 2S2P 7000mAh Li-Io type 18650 cells. 2S2P means two cells in parallel with another two cells in series.

Li-Io battery pack installed in FSH6. Connected by original wiring.

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Turtle Rover funded

Finally the Turtle-Rover project is funded. Time to wait for my kit. Don’t want to waste it so I already put some work into the rover controlling web application.

Welcome screen.

Main screen.

Settings menu.

Working on a C based web socket server that is going to replace the rover developers Python stuff.

Code is on Github.

In case the final Turtle electronic hat isn’t for my liking, well, I’m prepared.