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Simple can antenna for ADS-B 1090MHz reception

Here is a simple and easy to build antenna for ADS-B reception at 1090MHz:

Antenna measurement setup. Return loss -28dB @ 1090MHz.

What you need:
1x Aluminium can, length/height 69mm, outer diameter 44mm (mine was a spice can, Knorr/Unilever Aromat, EAN 40387444)
1x Brass pipe, 200mm length, outer diameter 2mm, inner diameter 1mm
1x SMA panel mount socket with front side nut

How to build:

Inside can.
Feed point. Brass pipe soldered to SMA center pin.
Center rod length.
SMA center mounted.
Connect your SDR.
Simple can antenna.

The antenna has a fairly broad resonance, accepts therefore some mechanical tolerances.

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