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Pillbox antenna for ADS-B 1090MHz reception

Pillbox antenna for ADS-B reception at 1090MHz, started as proof of concept design, gone through 3D modeling and optimization and final measurements on a prototype built.

Final prototype

Theory #

Concept and initial design in Antenna Magus (where it's called a probe-fed cheese antenna)

Concept in Antenna Magus
Total gain in Antenna Magus
Total gain pattern in Antenna Magus

Simulation in CST

3D model and simulation in CST

Reality #

Final build dimensions

Download drawing for top and bottom sheet.

Cut along the dashed line in drawing. Bend along the solid line.
Soldered from inside. The 100 mm wide reflector sheet goes along the solid line.

See drawing for reference.

Feed point outside. Reflector probe is soldered on top and bottom sheet.
Feed point inside.
Impedance measurement results #
Reflection -23.13 dB @ 1090 MHz
VSWR 1.15 @ 1090 MHz
Smith chart 48.3 Ohm @ 1090 MHz
Gain measurement results at 1090 MHz #

The directivity gain has been measured using the gain transfer method.

Horizontal pattern
Gain measurement setup
Gain measurement setup
Gain measurement setup

Test setup:

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