L/S Band Low Noise Amplifier

While ago I bought a low noise amplifier kit from Jim at www.w6pql.com. I´m going to try the LNA for FPV purpose on the receivers side between the antenna and the tuner module.

The LNA is set to work in the L- and S-band between 900MHz and 1300MHz. Althought it´s possible to configure the LNA for use in 13cm band (2.4Ghz) as well. See Jim´s page for details.

Some pictures and a gain plot:

Gain is ~15dB @ 1200MHz.

4 thoughts on “L/S Band Low Noise Amplifier

  1. Hey Mike,

    Huge fan of your site!

    So how bout an update on the LNA?
    Was it any good?



  2. Michael,

    Have you tested the LNA? Does it work? Is it worth to install it between a regular dipole and the Rx?
    Thanks for your time.

    • The LNA was tested with a vector network analyzer for gain.
      It´s always worth a try, but keep in mind you also amplify the noise level surrounding you. The LNA adds some noise too.

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