L/S Band Low Noise Amplifier

While ago I bought a low noise amplifier kit from Jim at www.w6pql.com. I´m going to try the LNA for FPV purpose on the receivers side between the antenna and the tuner module.

The LNA is set to work in the L- and S-band between 900MHz and 1300MHz. Althought it´s possible to configure the LNA for use in 13cm band (2.4Ghz) as well. See Jim´s page for details.

Some pictures and a gain plot:

Gain is ~15dB @ 1200MHz.

4 thoughts on “L/S Band Low Noise Amplifier

  1. Michael,

    Have you tested the LNA? Does it work? Is it worth to install it between a regular dipole and the Rx?
    Thanks for your time.

    • The LNA was tested with a vector network analyzer for gain.
      It´s always worth a try, but keep in mind you also amplify the noise level surrounding you. The LNA adds some noise too.

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