LT8490 MPPT Solar Charger

Finally I finished the prototype for the MPPT solar charger board with new Linear LT8490.

LT8490 MPPT PCB Top LT8490 MPPT PPCB Bottom

It´s a 4-layer board with a size of 30mm * 60mm, height about 15mm with correct SMD capacitors (those on the picture are temporary). The board is designed to connect battery and solar panel with terminal lugs, the UART output is available, there are two LEDs (status and fault), battery temperature sensor input and the component side is equally flat for attachment to a heat sink.

Special thanks to Tage Bjorklund from Linear Technology for support and recommendations on the board layout (which is indeed critical due to high currents and sensitivity to noise).

The board passed some initial tests with a 3S LiPo configuration. Here are a few numbers with different solar panel voltages.

Solar Input Battery Output
28,3V/0,5A 11,95V/0,95A
31,3V/0,6A 11,99V/1,20A
33,5V/0,47A 11,99V/1,28A
33,1V/1,1A 11,99V/2,7A
33,7V/0,6A 11,99V/1,75A
21,3V/1,65A 11,98V/2,69A
18,5V/0,35A 11,6V/0,6A
21,7V/1,29A 11,98V/2,34A
10,8V/1,05A 11,99V/1,3A
10,7V/1,02A 11,96V/0,9A
10,77V/0,99A 11,95V/0,95A

A dedicated page with design details will be up soon. Stay tuned…

Oh, btw, looks like mine is the first DIY board for the LT8490 😎

3 thoughts on “LT8490 MPPT Solar Charger

  1. Hello Michael,

    do you have one of your LT8490 MPPT Solar Charger Boards for Sale?
    Or do you know about any charging devices which are working with the LT8490?
    I want to create a little solar isle solution for my home, to charge some Lead Acid Accus.
    I found the LT8490 via soogle search and am very enthused about this IC.
    But i have no idea how to get it…

    Greetings from Lübeck!


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