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  1. Good day Bud,
    I picked up a couple of PiDrives this past weekend (gent threw them in with a pile of RPis that I bought. Little did he or I know that there was a custom cable. Can I order or make them?

    Many thanks!

    • I’m not Bud Griffin and not the developer of the original piDrive that was available through Kickstarter. In case your boards are marked “piDrive gungho labs” they are original. So I do not support or sell this project.

      Anyway, you can make this USB cable your own, it’s only 4 wires.
      Put the piDrive board in front of you, component side up, USB connector J1 on the right.
      Pinout for USB J1 will be then from top down:
      USB DM
      USB DP
      USB GND
      USB +5V

      In case the board will not be recognized by USB just swap USB DM and DP.

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