2013 Prius-Plugin modified for type 2 socket

The 2013 Toyota Prius-Plugin is fitted with a SAE J1772/IEC62196 type 1 socket for external charging. In Germany most of the charging stations are supporting at least a IEC62196 type 2 connection. So one needs to deal with a adapter cable on such chargers. But that only works in case the charger is fitted with just a socket and the driver needs to bring its own cable between charger and car. I have seen an increasing number of chargers (made by ABB and others) that have a fix cable attached to it. On such stations a adapter cable will not work because of the type 2 connector design (pin length). Hence I can not charge my Prius there. So time for a change…

Type 2 connector on Prius-Plugin.

Some pictures of the modification. I used original parts wherever possible, especially for the wiring. I built only a new steel bracket that is supporting the back side of the housing (like the original) and a face panel covering the front of the socket. Even while I had to make space for the bigger type 2, the modification is reversible and the original type 1 socket can be installed again. The original wiring harness was not modified, just cut from the old type 1 and soldered to the new one. Used phase L1 on the type 2 socket.

Type 1 before.

Type 2 after. Indicators unused.

Plugin socket assembly removed.

Type 1 socket assembly.

Type 1 socket removed from housing assembly.

Housing assembly back with reinforcement bracket.

Housing assembly front.

Type 2 socket original shape.

Type 2 socket shaped to fit inside the housing assembly.

Everything reassembled. Used the original wiring harness. New reinforcement bracket partly visible.

Outside without charger connector. Face panel is covering the shaped socket and sealed against environment. Used allen head bolts because of the tight space.

Of course I had to change the original type 1 plug on the Toyota EVSE that come with the car for a type 2.

Parts sourced from http://www.evcables.co.uk/.

8 thoughts on “2013 Prius-Plugin modified for type 2 socket

  1. Hi,
    nice socket change.
    I was wondering, why the prius can load, even if it won’t recive its 150 Ohm information, which gives him the ready signal.

  2. nice project
    you did not touch anything after the socket, is that right?

    Schönes Projekt.
    Hinter dem Stecker wurde praktisch nichts angefasst, “nur” die Dose ausgetauscht?

      • vielen Dank für die Infos.
        Mir kommt noch in den Sinn, einen Adapter zu kaufen/bauen, der festangeschlagene Typ2-Kabel aufnimmt und die Elektritizität in den Typ1 des Autos leitet

        Thanks for the informations.
        I still have the idea in my mind, to buy/build a Type2-Type1-conversion-adapter, to plug in fixes type2 cables to the adapter, that loads the electricity to the car’s type1 socket

        • Verlängerungen für an der Ladestation fest angebaute Kabel sind per Standard nicht vorgesehen, was auch Sinn macht. Wenn du sowas selbst baust achte darauf, daß du kabelseitig die richtige Steckdose benutzt. Fahrzeugsteckdose und Ladestationsteckdose haben unterschiedliche Kontaktlängen, die zum jeweiligen Stecker passen müssen. Sonst schlägt die Erkennung fehl.

  3. Hi Michael,
    Grate project. I think about to change type 1 socket in my nissan leaf 1st gen.
    I have question because i dont see wiring diagram. Do you solder L1 to L1 N to N PE to PE and CP to CP wiring? And Proximity detection pin you leave open?


    • You have 5 pins wired up in a type 1 connector, that includes the proximity pin. You need this pin as well on a type 2 connector. Otherwise the charging will not start.
      With type 2 you just keep 2 out of the 3 phases open.

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