RF Amplifier 27dBm – Results

Some measurement results for the 27dBm RF amplifier that was descripted in an earlier post. Results are shown for two builds, without and with additional SAW filter.

27dBm RF Amplifier builds

27dBm RF Amplifier builds

27dBm RF amplifier normalized

Frequency range 300MHz – 3GHz. Input -20dBm, normalized to 0dBm, hence coax cables and output attenuator are calibrated out of the measurment loop.

27dBm RF amplifier gain

Gain over frequency range 300MHz – 3GHz.

27dBm RF amplifier with GPS SAW filter

Second RF amplifier build with 1575MHz SAW filter installed.

27dBm RF amplifier GPS gain and bandwidth

Gain and 3dB bandwidth @ 1575MHz

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