2013 Prius-Plugin modified for type 2 socket

The 2013 Toyota Prius-Plugin is fitted with a SAE J1772/IEC62196 type 1 socket for external charging. In Germany most of the charging stations are supporting at least a IEC62196 type 2 connection. So one needs to deal with a adapter cable on such chargers. But that only works in case the charger is fitted with just a socket and the driver needs to bring its own cable between charger and car. I have seen an increasing number of chargers (made by ABB and others) that have a fix cable attached to it. On such stations a adapter cable will not work because of the type 2 connector design (pin length). Hence I can not charge my Prius there. So time for a change…

Type 2 connector on Prius-Plugin.

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Tödliche Agri Kultur – Wie Monsanto die Welt vergiftet

Seit 20 Jahren werden in Argentinien riesige Flächen mit gentechnisch veränderter Soja bepflanzt. In Monokultur. Anfangs war das für die Landwirte, die Saatgutverkäufer und die Chemie-Konzerne ein Freudenfest. Allen voran: Monsanto. Heute ist das Modell Monsanto gescheitert. Nicht für die Investmentfonds, aber für die Landwirte vor Ort und für die Verbraucher in den Städten.

ADSB receiver back online

Finally got my spare parts for the Raspberry Pi PoE hat and put the ADSB receiver back online. It took DHL Express almost 6 days for the customs clearance, was the last time I used this carrier. UPS is way more efficient on that.

I used the outage for an upgrade to the Mode-S Beast receiver. The performance of the neat little thing is astonishing! Compared to RTL-SDR dongle the ADSB message rate is 3 times higher, I see 40-50 more aircrafts, tracks per hour increased by 300-400, range increased by around 70km and CPU usage is down to 2-3%. That´s with the G7RQG antenna, connected by a short coax cable (<1m).

My dump1090-fa fork now supports the Mode-S Beast directly via USB. See Github for details.

ADSB receiver (gr || k)illed

Today, a thunderstorm passing overhead just killed, or better grilled, my ADSB receiver. There was no direct lightning strike but for some reason the DC-DC converter on the PoE hat stopped working and shows a short on the 48V input. The Raspberry Pi and everything else on the 5V side is working just fine. The PoE hat is powered by a 48V switching supply off the 220V mains. That is also still working fine, probably because of its output short circuit protection.

On the PoE hat the DC-DC converter is a Silvertel AG9805-M, ordered some new from http://www.semiconductorstore.com. $8/piece is a good deal compared to the price for the PoE hat or replacement converters supplied by other manufacturers.

I will stock some spares just in case that happens again. But then I need to investigate why that thing breaks.