2.45 GHz Helix Antenna

A last helix to cover all interesting frequencies for FPV.

Antenna dimensions:

  • Design frequency 2450MHz
  • 8 turns
  • Wavelength 0.23
  • Internal diameter 41mm
  • Wire diameter 2.5mm
  • Coil spacing 28mm
  • Reflector diameter 80mm
  • Wave Trap size 15.2mmx7.6mm
  • Feed point height 5mm (wire center), see pictures

5.8 GHz Helix Antenna

This is an example how one can hit the target on spot with a clean build even on 5.8GHz.

Antenna dimensions:

  • Design frequency 5800MHz
  • 8 turns
  • Wavelength 0.23
  • Internal diameter 17-17.5mm
  • Wire diameter 1mm
  • Coil spacing 11.8mm
  • Reflector 40mmx40mm
  • Wave Trap size 6.5mmx3.2mm
  • Wave Trap spacing from feed point 2mm
  • Feed point height 2.5mm (wire center), maintained over 1/4 turn

1240MHz/1280MHz DIY Helix Antenna

Just finished with my helix antenna, designed for 1240MHz.
Used the helix calculator from http://jcoppens.com/ant/helix/calc.en.php.
Parameters were 1240MHz, 8 turns, 0.23 wavelengths.

My internal helix diameter is roughly 80mm with a coil spacing of 55.5mm. Wire diameter is 3.5mm/10mm².
Reflector size is 250mmx250mm. Center support is made from 6mm Balsa, soaked with epoxy resin.
For matching the IBCrazy wave trap method is used. Trap size is 30mmx15mm. See also http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1377791